NSAID Availability Curtailed. Back Order Alert!

October 7, 2019

Please be aware that alternative options for NSAID use in research surgeries may be necessary because of recent shortages of supply of injectable meloxicam and carprofen. These drugs have recently been back-ordered or are in very short supply. As part of surgical planning, investigators using these medications in their research programs should take note of their current stock and match it with their planned usage. Speak with the HCCM veterinary staff if you find yourselves unable to re-order the analgesics approved on your IACUC protocol.

If your research protocol stipulates Carprofen diet gel cups, please know that, due to regulatory issues, Clear H2O has recently discontinued production of that product. We do not expect to see this product become available again in the near future.

Use of SR-buprenorphine is recommended as an adjunct to NSAID analgesic administration, especially for very painful procedures. This is called multimodal analgesia, and in most circumstances, it provides increased analgesic efficacy. A single SQ injection of SR-buprenorphine provides between 48-72 hours of analgesia compared to regular buprenorphine HCl which drops below plasma therapeutic levels between 4-6 hours.

If you have questions or concerns, please contact the HCCM veterinary staff and they will be happy to help.