Which forms should I use?

I need to create a new protocol or submit a 3-year review.

You should submit all new protocols and three-year reviews in the eIACUC. See the "eIACUC" tab below for more information.

I need to make a modification to or submit an annual renewal for an eIACUC protocol.

If your most recent three-year renewal was created in the eIACUC, you should submit all amendments (including grant and personnel additions) and annual renewals (for USDA-covered and DOD-funded studies only) in the eIACUC as well. See the "eIACUC" tab below for more information.

My lab receives federal funds for animal work taking place at another institution.

Use the Ceded Review Request Form whenever your federally-funded grants awarded to HMS/HSPH/HSDM are associated with IACUC protocols from other institutions.

Use the Custom Antibodies Request Form when contracting custom antibody production. Antibodies are considered customized if produced using antigen(s) provided by or at the request of the investigator (i.e. not purchased off-the-shelf). 

Accessing eIACUC

Log into eIACUC here using your HarvardKey account.

If you are new to Harvard, it may take a few days for your account to feed into the eIACUC system. If you are unable to log in 3 business days after receiving your Harvard University ID (HUID), contact eSupport

If you do not have a HUID, you may obtain one by completing an application:

Send all HUID applications to eSupport.


  1. Investigator Guide
  2. Creating a New Study
  3. Creating a Three-Year Renewal
  4. Creating an Amendment

Still have questions? Contact eSupport to schedule a one-on-one training session.

Forms on this page should be submitted to regardless of whether your protocol is on paper or in the eIACUC system. 

Animal Care & Use

  • Adverse Event Form
    Use this form to notify the IACUC of an unforeseen event that negatively impacts the welfare of research animals. 
  • External Rodent Transfer Form
    Use this form when transferring rodents to a different PI/Institution.

Protocol Management, Funding, and Inter-Institutional Collaboration

For Lab Use