Pain Management in Rodents

February 24, 2020

The December 2019 issue of Comparative Medicine is devoted to pain as a clinical factor and experimental variable in laboratory rodents – covering ethical considerations regarding analgesia and pain management, the importance of pain recognition and management, sex and strain differences in response to pain and analgesics in mice, as well as the impact of pain on different models involving laboratory mice and rats. Please see the individual PDFs below for more information.

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Pain and Immune System and Inflammation505 KB
Clinical Management of Pain397 KB
Strain and Sex Differences Response to Pain129 KB
Review of Pain Assessment Methods1.26 MB
Sleep, Pain, and Analgesics204 KB
Ethics and IACUC Considerations on Analgesia101 KB
Pain and Orthopedic and Wound Healing Models166 KB
Study of Pain, Rats, and Mice393 KB
Pain and Sepsis185 KB
Pain as Clinical Factor and Experimental Variable46 KB
Pain and Cancer Model118 KB
Pain and TBI and Stroke130 KB